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"Not for all the Tea in China"

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This painting was inspired by the artist Klimt and encompass the meaning of family.

This is a painting of my family. Mother, daughter, husband and son together as one. The feeling I wanted to capture comes from the saying “not for all the tea in china” meaning, not for all the money, riches, in the world never, would I trade my life.  This term originated in Australia and alludes to the presumed huge quantity of tea in China. Ones family and friends are more precious than all the riches of the world, and this painting celebrates and honors that love.

*** Please note, with an artist proof I can change the family to look like yours. *****

Its the perfect family portrait. An artist proof is a print on canvas (giclee) that I paint over the entire thing with oils and acrylics and gold and bronze leaf, so its like a second original! I change the hair, eyes, skin color, and the children as well, or even make it one child by simply removing one, and placing the mans hand and placing the child in the middle of the couple (or add a third child sitting on daddy's shoulders!  Hurry to reserve one though, there are only 10 in this very unique edition. You pay pay half up front and half when finished. From order to finish is 3-4 weeks give or take, I never like to rush.  Painting will be 100% to your liking so I will email you photos in case any changes need to be made.  Special requests or additions made be made as well (such as a different flower added, child's favorite toy, color scheme, ect..) 

Feel free to email me for more information and pictures of past artist proofs at 

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