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 Original Oil 30x60


"This Painting symbolizes many things to me, the first being the Tree is my symbol of all Life. Trees give us shelter, food, oxygen  and protect us from pollution, weather, and home to many animals. Without Trees the world simply wouldn't be alive. The “calm before the storm” typically refers to a period of unusual tranquility prior to difficult time, or analogy between the literal calm that can often be felt prior to the arrival of a powerful storm. The thunderclouds are rolling in, the warm, moist air is cooled and moves upward through the clouds, leaving a vacuum in its place - which is then filled by warm air coming from the top of the storm front. When this occurs in the direction a storm is heading, it can produce an environment that is calm and quiet, sometimes eerily calm, which is quickly followed by the onset of the storm itself .The lotus flowers at the bottom are symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks above muddy waters of attachment and desire. At the bottom The Owl which is incredibly perceptive is my chosen messenger of intelligence, brilliance, and wisdom, is in the center of the painting- a symbol to help us weather any storm life gives us". ~ CLAIR





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