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"Butterflies" ORIGINAL SOLD


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 Original Oil 24x24

"One of the great mysteries of romance is why falling in love- the most powerful feeling in the world- is so often accompanied by butterflies in the stomach. For some, love comes in quietly, like a gentle summer rain, arriving slowly drop-by-drop. For others it comes in with a booming presence, announcing itself loudly, violently. Like a crash of thunder in the middle of a deep sleep. I love the symbol of the butterfly because of its ability to fly, its metamorphosis and its long journey through life it makes. The Butterfly is a symbol of the soul, according to many different mythologies. Psyche, Greek goddess of the soul, was depicted with butterfly wings. Travel, journey, and beauty are also attributes of the Butterfly. This painting is a symbol of love in its rawest form, and a reminder to catch and hold onto those beautiful butterflies in life. "  ~CLAIR 



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